Let's bring everyone on board!

Once upon a time...

Some time ago, we started investigating and reading about KEEP. After throwing back and forth a bunch of links and interesting articles, it came to us:
🤬Why is there no centralized place where all these links live?
Since we're product managers with an obsession for documenting, we thought that it would be helpful to have a central place for all this (somewhat) organized information.
It's not an easy task. Based on the knowledge and background of each reader, there are different ways that information could be structured, and the amount of explanation needed for each section. We believe that it's a work-in-progress, and we will continue to update it, as long as our agendas, bosses, and personal lives allow for it.

🚚 Happy to move this space somewhere else!

If the community feels that it's better to have this in some other space (Keep github?), let us know! We will gladly move it so we can all contribute together.

🗣We love feedback!

Feel that there's something missing, or some correction you would like to add, or anything else. Discord: badabam email: badabam [at] keep [dot] community

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