What is it and how does it work?
The Keep Network is a bridge between public blockhains and private data.

Keep network wiki

This wiki, from the staking documentation, gives a really good introduction to the network.
About the Keep Network
Staking Documentation


This is the original whitepaper from Matt Luongo (Keep CEO) and Corbin Pon (Thesis co-founder). Learn about:
  • the concept behind Keep
  • the Keep network
  • How the network is secured
  • Keep applications.


This is the original Keep introduction posted on the team medium.
Introducing Keep

Open Source Project

An awesome fact about Keep is that all projects are open-source including the code for the random beacon and ECDSA signing groups. In the article you will learn about Keep commitment to be fully open-sources and find an overview of the different git repos.
Keep is Now Fully Open-Sourced

Technology explainer - sMPC

This is an excellent article from Ben Longstaff (Keep) explaining what Secure Multi-Party Computation (sMPC) is and how it is used in the Keep network.
Secure Multi Party Computation (sMPC) explained visually

Keep in the Press

Below a list of articles about Keep published in the press.
Keep Network