Keep’s native token, KEEP, powers the network and supports all the apps that are and will be built on it.

Token price

Here's the price of the token by clicking on "Run Pen" (thanks to Coin Gecko for the widget).
You can also find the price on various exchanges: | parked domain

How the KEEP Token Works

This article reviews:
  • how the KEEP token works
  • how it is used on the Network
  • the tokenomics
How the KEEP Token Works

The KEEP token in Messari

Go on the "Token" section of the Messari report.
What is Keep Network (KEEP) | History, Roadmap, Economics | Messari

Utility token models

Not exclusive on KEEP, but quite an interesting article nevertheless on utility tokens such as KEEP.
New Models for Utility Tokens
Multicoin Capital

Token Address

The KEEP token contract address on mainnet is:
You can find more info on Etherscan.