Distribution & Supply
Information on how the KEEP token has been distributed and how its supply will change over time.
The total supply of KEEP is of 1,000,000,000 tokens. They are released progressively over the years. See the chart below.


The KEEP token distribution has been shared between the early team and advisors, the company, private purchasers, and the public.
Token supply distribution (https://blog.keep.network/transparency-at-keep-c7f4a0be3603)


Liquid supply curve

The Liquidity supply from the Messari report (https://messari.io/asset/keep-network/profile)
In the "Consensus & emission" section of the Messari report, you will find info about:
  • an interactive supply curve with projected supply month by month
  • the details of the private staker sale
  • the Team, associates, and Keep SEZC allocations
  • the public distribution
What is Keep Network (KEEP) | History, Roadmap, Economics | Messari

Notes on the Circulating Supply

In this article, Matt Luongo clarifies some points around the circulating supply and how its definition is not a universally defined metric.
KEEP "circulating" supply