Some great tools to explore the KEEP token.

Token Dashboard

This is the main dashboard for the KEEP token. There you can:
  • see your balance
  • delegate/undelegate your tokens
  • see your rewards


🏆 This project won the Play for Keep award!
Great resource to:
  • generate a config file for your Keep nodes
  • find cheatsheets for Docker commands
  • request from faucets for testing (ETH, BTC, KEEP)
  • create Keystore tools

Keep stats

Main stats about the keep network.

Keep Explorers

These Keep Explorers will help you find:
  • the different KEEP holders
  • the last transactions
  • the details of the distributed grants
  • the amount of KEEP staked
Two Keep explorers are available:

Keep Subgraph

This subgraph is an open API to query the keep smart contract.

Keep on Dune Analytics

Create your new dashboard by searching keep_v110 schema.

Keep Swap

Nice tool to swap tokens with Keep. Advantages:
  • split orders accross multiple exchanges
  • automatic insurance through Nexus mutual
  • integration of 5k+ tokens.

Keep setup