🚧 This section is under construction! We want to write down the questions that we have, or those that come up on the Discord chat more often, and try to give a comprehensive answer here.


What is Keep?

Keep could refer to different things:
  • the Keep network which is the network behind the keep project (see Keep Network)
  • the KEEP token which is the working token at the heart of the network (see Keep Token)
  • a keep which is small off-chain container to store private data (see the whitepaper in Keep Network).

Where can I buy/sell KEEP?

Buy/sell KEEP on DEXes or CEXes (💩) exchanges. I ain't no snitch, but if you're looking for names, see the list of exchanges on Coingecko.

What is the KEEP total supply?

The total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens. See Token Liquidity

Was there an ICO for KEEP?

KEEP has not been introduced through an ICO. Please see Distribution & Supply to get more info.

At what price the first investors bought KEEP for?

According to Messari, Industrial Staker Sale (Series A Tranche) in 2017: $0.0720 per KEEP and Staker Sale (Series B Tranche) in 2019: $0.120 per KEEP.


What is tBTC?

tBTC is a tokenised BTC to bring BTC in the Etherum space. Check tBTC.

tBTC vs TBTC? Why do you keep changing the spelling?

The system, in its entirety, is called "tBTC". The fungible Bitcoin-backed token is called "TBTC" to distinguish it from the rest of the project. This approach is also reflected in the Ethereum ERC-20 token contract. Further discussion can be found in the relevant Github issue.

Is there a minimum to swap BTC to TBTC?

0.001 BTC, see tBTC lot sizes.


How can I earn KEEP?

You can earn KEEP by creating and maintaining a node (Random Beacon and/or ECDSA). More information in the Staking section.

How much KEEP can I earn?

You earn KEEP through fees and 200,000,000 KEEPs (20% of the token supply) will be distributed through the stakedrop. How much you will earn will depend on the amount of KEEP and/or ETH you stake and how much other people will stake. More information in Stakedrop.

What is the KEEP distribution schedule?

Have a look to the reward model in Stakedrop.

How long do I have to stake my ETH?

You have to stake your ETH for the length of at least one tBTC deposit. That could be as short as a week or as long as 6 months.

What is the ratio of the locked ETH and $KEEP a user will get?

Depends on how much ETH has been staked across the system. If you're the only one, you get most of the KEEP per reward period. Source: Matt Luongo (Keep CEO) on Discord.

How often and where would I receive my part of the stakedrop?

Monthly in the beneficiary address.


How can I run a node?

To run a "Random Beacon" node see the tutorials in Random Beacon. To run an "ECDSA" node see the tutorials in ECDSA.

How can I generate Faucets?

Visit Keeptool website in the Faucet section here.

Where can I find the contract addresses for Testnet and Mainnet?

Have a look to Contract addresses where you can fin all mainnet contract addresses and all testnet contract addresses.

What is the minimum amount of KEEP to stake?

Over 2 years, the minimum amount to stake is lowered periodically using a uniform stepwise function, starting at 100k KEEP and eventually ending at 10k KEEP. See How do we stake? for the detailed schedule.