All you need to know to run an ECDSA node.
ECDSA nodes are needed to run applications on the KEEP network. In cryptography, the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) offers a variant of the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) which uses elliptic curve cryptography.
You can stake only ETH (in the first months) or both ETH and KEEP to run an ECDSA node.

Run an ECDSA node

The original post on git from the KEEP team to explain how to run an ECDSA node.
keep-ecdsa/run-keep-ecdsa.adoc at main · keep-network/keep-ecdsa

Get KEEP by running an ECDSA Node

This article explains how to get KEEP by staking KEEP + ETH or ETH only in the first months of the project.
How to get KEEP — Stake ETH


Run an ECDSA node (Stakedrop launch event)

The Keep stakedrop kicked off with a live Crowdcast on June 8 2020. This presentation was driven by Matt Luongo (Keep CEO) and Sloan Thompson (devops at Keep). You can rewatch the video below and learn how to stake.

Cloud deployment - Google cloud

In this step-by-step tutorial you can learn how to launch both nodes (BEACON and ECSDA) on one vps in Google cloud. Steps:
  • create a VPS on Google cloud
  • create an ether wallet
  • get faucet ETH and test KEEP
  • create Infura account
  • create config files
  • deploy on Google using docker

Cloud deployment - Hetzner

Installation guide with translations in Indonesian and Russian!
Installation guide
KEEP nodes

Local deployment

Deployment with Kubernetes and Monitor with Prometheus & Grafana

Deploy a KEEP Node to Kubernetes and Monitor with Prometheus & Grafana


Terraform to create Keep-ECDSA mainnet node on AWS.
GitHub - afmsavage/keep-ecdsa-tf at testnet

Helm Charts

"These charts provide a simple way to deploy KEEP Network clients into Kubernetes and make for easier and simplier upgrade processes". Look at the keep-ecdsa for tBTC or other applications.
GitHub - ajcrowe/keep-helm-chart: KEEP Network Helm Chart

Address List for Ropsten

Find the latest address list in this list.
Keep Tools