How do we stake?

Here you shall find information on why is staking important, and how to do it.
Having a large and diverse number of providers is very important for the network’s integrity.
To maintain the network, the providers will receive a fee on each transaction but also earn rewards in the first months of the project via the stakedrop program. To become a provider, users can:
  • stake KEEP to run a random beacon node
  • stake KEEP and ETH or ETH only (in the first months of the project) to create a keep following a client request.

Staking Documentation

This is a really clean and well documented wiki about staking and its associated risks. Check it out!

Minimum of KEEP to stake

Unless you chose to stake only ETH in an ECDSA node, you will need to stake KEEP. Over 2 years, the minimum amount to stake is lowered periodically using a uniform stepwise function, eventually ending at 10,000 KEEP. The following table is extracted from here: