Running a node

Active participation

Nice article from Bisontrails which explains how collateralisation works and the redeem process.
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Claim rewards

Withdraw rewards with Etherscan

How to withdraw your Keep Network Stakedrop using Etherscan

Script for keep claim

GitHub - benlongstaff/keep-claim: Script to check which Keeps are eligible to have rewards claimed

Risks associated

Risks involved by staking ETH

In this article learn about:
  • the risks involved with staking ETH
  • risk mitigation strategies.
Keep stakedrop risks and mitigation strategies - HackMD

Slashing events

More information on the associated risks and the slashing events.
Staking risks
Staking Documentation

Liquidation and slacking details

KEEP network (Random beacon/ECDSA groups) risk - liquidation and slashing details - HackMD

Analysis of a liquidation

An analyse of a liquidation of tBTC system on mainnet

KEEP backups


This article explains how to backup data in your nodes. "If you're running the ECDSA node, you're not just storing data, you're storing 1/3 of a multi-sig key used to sign BTC transactions. If your system is not up/available/responsive during a request for BTC (redemption of tBTC), you WILL BE AT RISK for liquidation and lose the ETH staked to that bond."
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Ops toolkit

keep-ops-toolkit/data-backups at main · daramir/keep-ops-toolkit

Address List for Ropsten

Find the latest address list in this list.
Keep Tools