All you need to know to know about stakedrop.
To participate in the stakedrop you must run and maintain at least one node:
  • the Random Beacon node by staking KEEP
  • the ECDSA node by staking both KEEP and ETH or ETH only.
200,000,000 KEEPs (20% of the KEEP supply) are distributed through the stakedrop with 10% (20 million) KEEP for Random Beacon and 90% (180 million) for ECDSA nodes.

Stakedrop presentation

Learn about:
  • how to participate in the Random Beacon and / or the ECDSA node
  • the minimum amount of KEEP to stake
  • how much rewards to earn
  • the risks associated with staking

Rewards mechanics

Stakedrop details

Reward model

Have you wondered how much KEEP you could earn by staking your KEEP and/or ETH? How much could you earn by providing KEEP liquidity? This model is for you to learn:
  • how many KEEP will be distributed each month in the stakedrop
  • how many KEEP will be distributed each month in the liquidity reward distribution
  • how much $ you can make by playing with ETH and KEEP prices in the spreadsheet.
If you don't have an oversized screen to adjust the above sheet, here's the link to open it in a new tab.

Stakedrop announcement

This is the official article announcing the stakedrop on the team Medium.

Launch event

The Keep stakedrop kicked-off with a live Crowdcast on June 8 2020. This presentation was driven by Matt Luongo (Keep CEO) and Sloan Thompson (DevOps at Keep). You can rewatch the video below and learn how to stake!