Use tBTC. Bring your BTC to Ethereum.
Use the tBTC dApp to exchange your BTC for TBTC.

Etherum and Bitcoin network

tBTC dApp

This is the main app to mint TBTC with your Bitcoin and redeem your Bitcoin with your TBTC.
Mainnet page:
Testnet page:

How to Use the tBTC dApp

Below a tutorial to exchange your BTC for TBTC.

tBTC on Ropsten

tBTC + Tornado Cash

This dApp is quite neat.

tBTC Subgraph - The Graph

tBTC Liquidator

Keep Network Indexer to get the random tdt_id

To return various data about the Keep network, such as the needed TDT_ID in the redeem process, this article aims at creating a Keep indexer with several consumers:
  • an improved tBTC dApp
  • a Telegram bot.

tBTC Contract Watcher

This app provides the current state of 'ongoing' contracts minted on tBTC Network, it means the following states: Active, Awaiting Withdrawal, Awaiting Withdrawal Proof and Courtesy Call.

Deposit / Redeem explorer

Explorers for deposits (tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum state and proofs) and redeem in mainnet.

Lightning Network

tBTC on the lightening network

This project won the play for keep award!


tBTC on Aztec

This project won the play for keep award!
Aztec is a privacy network on Ethereum. tBTC on Aztec:

Matt Luongo (KEEP) on the Maker Collaterall Onboarding Call